Educational Resources

Sideline Evaluation

These resources provide valueable information for coaches and parents on how to identify the signs and symptoms of a concussion and how to respond should one occur.

Printable Sideline Concussion Evaluation Card

Concussion Recognition and Response AppAn excellent app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users to recognize whether an individual is exhibiting and/or reporting the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion and to respond quickly and appropriately.

ImPACT Concussion Awareness Tool App (ImCAT) - The Concussion Awareness Tool was developed to educate athletes, parents, and coaches about concussions and the typical signs and symptoms of a concussion.

Coach, Parent & Administrator Education

YouTube Educational Videos - Great short videos for parents and kids to help understand concussions and how to best manage the injury: Concussion 101, Concussion Management and Return to Learn - Concussion education resource - ACTive (Athletic Concussion Training using Interactive Video Education) is a free training that provides the information coaches need to keep players safe. National Federation of High School Sports governing body provides a free online course for coaches “Concussions In Sports – What You Need To Know.” - Comprehensive educational resources from the Center for Disease Control. Includes online video education, toolkits and valuable handouts.

Athlete Education

Athlete Concussion Video - This video is co-produced by the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the National Athletic Trainers Association. It is a video designed to educate the high school athlete about the signs and symptoms of concussion and importance of following the advice,“when in doubt, sit it out.”